About KingPlugins

Our goal is to deliver the plugins you need when you need them to make your business thrive and to make your everyday digital life easier.

Custom WordPress and WooCommerce Plugin Development Services

Our custom WordPress and WooCommerce plugin development and customization services extend the existing WordPress core to add new customized functionalities required by your unique project requirements. We have helped numerous clients with custom WordPress plugins. If you are looking for a custom WordPress plugin development team for your next project, you are at the right place.

Our developers deliver your project with minute details and technical brilliance within quick turnaround time. Our client-centric approach, wherein we think about the growth and development of our client at the first place is what helps us excelling in this field.

Please contact us for a quote or inquiry for custom development.

Behind KingPlugins stands Lykke Media AS, a web development company that uses WordPress as their main tool for developing websites for both small and large companies.

Official address

Lilaasveien 3b
3189 Horten
Official organization number: 912451267MVA
Official register web site
Website: https://www.lykkemedia.no